All of our items are made with the finest ingredients of the highest quality. These products will have you reminiscing about simpler country store days. Prepare yourself for "A Taste of the Past."

Rogue River Appleworks uses USPS and UPS.

Rogue River Appleworks usually ships in flat rate boxes, as this is overall the best deal for the customer.

  • Medium Box flat rate box cost is $13.45.
  • Large Box flat rate box cost is $18.95.
  • Extra Large flat rate box cost is $43.09.

Eight 8 oz jars will fit in one medium flat rate box.

Twelve 8 oz jars will fit in one large flat rate box.

Mary Bonstein will receive your order via email and contact you to get payment information, verify your order, and tell you specifically how she will pack and send your order to you.

Thank you for shopping with Rogue River Appleworks! We appreciate your business.